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Steven Fleckner

There Is A Lot Of Talk About Justice League And Man Of Steel 2. I Wanted To Get My Mind Off Of That. And That Rumor Of A Young Justice/Teen Titans Live Action TV Series, It Got Me Thinking. So, Here Is My Team For This "Teen Drama Romance" Series (Keep In Mind, Everything Here Has Confirmed DC News And The Idea Of A Shared Universe Within It);

Let's Begin With The Team Leader, Of Course, Dick Grayson/Nightwing:

Co-Leader, Roy Harper/Red Arrow:

The Clone, Conner Kent/Superboy:

The Atlantean, Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad:

The Speedster, Wally West/Kid Flash:

The Outsider, Garfield Logan/Beast Boy:

The Street Smarts, Virgil Hawkins/Static:

The Brains And Nightwing's Love Interest, Barbara Gordan/Batgirl/Oracle:

The Amazon And Superboy's Love Interest, Cassandra Sandsmark/Wondergirl:

The Demon And Beast Boy's Love Interest, Rachel Roth/Raven:

My Wild Card, The Cop, Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern:

That's My Team. It's Big Enough Not To Get Too Boring, Big Enough To Be A Junior Justice League. There Is Enough Relationships To Be A Teen Romance Series And Enough Relationships To Make The Teen Drama Wanted For The CW.

And Yes, I Realize People Don't Really Like The Capitalization Of Every Word. But That's How I Type. Don't Like It, Don't Read My Shit. I Don't Have A Gun Pointed At Your Special Place Making You Read My Stuff.


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