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I am a big fan of both Doomsday and Bizzaro. Mostly because of who they are as a whole. Of course, we all know that Doomsday has killed Superman before. So that means he's got to be in Man of Steel 3! Right?

Well here is the problem, we all don't know yet if there will be a third film. Zack Snyder hasn't confirmed it yet. And we all will know if there will be a third film or not until the second film comes out. And that is next year.

Now lets talk a little bit about Bizzaro, who is not really all villain at all. Bizzaro is more of an Anti-Hero. He is like a stupid teenager, doing bad things for bad people, but he can also help out the good side too.

I was thinking, if Bizzaro and Doomsday were both in Man of Steel 3, could Bizzaro help out Superman?

Now, in the comics (from what I have read), Bizzaro wants to do good. But he is always doing bad, by accident. If he is doing it purpose, It is only because he was mad (like the Hulk).

Now I want Man of Steel 3 to start after Bizzaro has been made, with Superman flying through the air and visiting Bizzaro in his cell. Why is Bizzaro in a cell you may ask? Because I want all of his accidents to be in the past, and not to be in the film.

Now it's a really simple story plot. Bizzaro gets mad, escapes. Doomsday comes up from his cell in the planet, causes destruction. Superman finds Doomsday, fights him. Doomsday wins the fight, leaving Superman in pain. Almost dead. Bizzaro helps out Doomsday. But then realizes what kind of evil he is doing (while Doomsday wants to kill all man kind, like a psychopath). Bizzaro goes and helps out Superman. Then they both fight Doomsday. Bizzaro gets beat on hard, Superman comes in for the rescue, but dies. Bizzaro gets up, fights Doomsday, Bizzaro wins. Doomsday is dead (this is optional. Doomsday could be dead, OR Doomsday could just be scared off into space). Then Superboy comes along.

Superboy (from what I have read) was created by Superman's stolen DNA.

What do you think?


Do You think Doomsday And Bizzaro Should Be In MOS 3?


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