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Fourteen years into the new millennium and we have come a long way in the last 10 years. When Marvel burst onto the big screen and produced Sam Raimi's Spider Man (2002-2007) or when Peter Jackson introduced us to the expansive world of Middle-Earth in the Lord of the Rings (2001-2003) or that misfire to reboot the Planet of the Apes (2001), which don't get me wrong, I actually liked Tim Burton's Apes movie and loved the cast choice, but as we step further in this trending era of movie reboots and sequels, might as well embrace it and enjoy the next decade starting off with this year. This is the year 2014 and it's just the beginning.

I've put a list together of seven movies that are coming out this year that I thought were highly anticipated for (and I myself can't wait for!) I hope you all like my selections. I couldn't add every movie this year and that doesn't mean they're not anticipated, so narrowing it down based on the long gap from the movie's predecessor to bringing in new material to the cinema or... seemingly bringing it back from the dead... Godzilla, anyone?

With that being said, let's take a look at this top seven countdown!

7) The Amazing Spider-Man 2

#AmazingSpiderMan" title="" src=",h_380,w_612/t_mp_quality/uploads_c8111cd6-9c55-47ba-94dc-fb6efdcf6981-the-amazing-spider-man-2-jpg-19651.jpg" />

Kicking off this list is, Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider Man sequel. It feels like just yesterday that we saw Peter Parker (Maguire) duke it out with his friend Harry Osborn (Franco) while saving Mary Jane (Dunst) from his arch nemesis, Venom. It's like I forget there was a second adaptation to Marvel's iconic web slinger and that's The Amazing Spider Man which was released just two years ago, but the wait for the sequel has felt quadruple that number! Besides, with Webb's Spidey films we're being treated to a whole slew of bad guys such as Electro and Rhino and perhaps Sinister Six! - so that's why this movie is number 7 on my list.

6) Guardians of the Galaxy

#GuardiansoftheGalaxy" title="" src=",h_318,w_565/t_mp_quality/uploads_9930027d-4667-480a-ab10-b8a693340bfd-guardians_galaxy_-_2012_h-jpg-19652.jpg" />

Now here's something fresh we've yet seen hit the big screen, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. I have to admit that I'm not familiar with many comics and had no clue about this one until a little over a year ago I was starting to hear bits of rumors from fans dying to see a Guardians movie. Well, I'm here to remind you all that come August 1st this team of alien super heroes will land in theater and give The Avengers team a run for its money.

Not only will this movie introduce new characters, but also explore the Marvel Universe and our own. It's a new sci-fi film that may inspire new possibilities and pave way for bigger and badder super hero movies and that is why it's on my list.

5) Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

#AgeofExtinction" title="" src=",h_310,w_610/t_mp_quality/uploads_11773e35-645e-4343-850f-822cf08f77f4-transformers-4-pictures-7-jpg-19658.jpg" />

Out with the old; in with the new. The Autobots are back! and they supposedly look more badass than ever. (I guess that's the attitude to have for Michael Bay's Transformers?) Look, I get the fan hatred for these movies and understand they're nothing close in-comparison to the original series AND yes, Bay's previous movies were kinda lacking good story, but I believe this time around TF4 could make up for that.

#Transformers4" title="" src=",h_279,w_700/t_mp_quality/uploads_8b7fe4f7-2f49-468c-8d46-1e55a1944730-51302_9-jpg-19663.jpg" />

I mean, it's been three years since we've seen the evil Decepticons wreak havoc on a city and heard Optimus Prime give a pep speech before a battle that is riddled with huge explosions and Sam Witwicky screaming at the top of his lungs... but wait, not this time. Without Shia Labeouf and the rest of the human crew, Transformers 4 brings in a new main lead, Mark Walberg, along with recognizable Autobot allies as well with new ones such as Hound and the Dinobots.

Whether it's more of a reboot than a sequel, one thing is for sure, it's been too long we've watched giant robots fight on the big screen. Well, except Pacific Rim, but that's not the point. Expect bigger than ever for Transformers 4 and look out for its teaser trailer in the SuperBowl.

4) The Hobbit: There and Back Again

#TheHobbit" title="" src=",h_750,w_1000/t_mp_quality/uploads_c647f4c8-6f1a-4cf2-b88d-c88a4d39b57e-bolg-from-the-hobbit-jpg-19677.jpg" />

My childhood practically evolved around the Lord of the Rings, so when I found out four years ago that Peter Jackson was returning to direct the long awaiting Hobbit story, words could not express my excitement. What some Tolkien fans deemed as not likely, for the simple fact of "too many dwarves to even care for" I refused to believe this would be a challenge for Jackson and his crew to achieve.

With now two films of The Hobbit trilogy released, there is still another to come, There and Back Again. From 330 pages of Bilbo's journey to help a company of homeless dwarves aided by the wizard Gandalf, this story had to be told on screen in three parts. Unfortunately, all good trilogies have to come to an end, so by the end of 2014 that will be it of seeing the beauty of New Zealand as Middle-Earth. (Until The Similarion, cross your fingers).

We'll see everything unfold in this movie; Smaug's destruction, Bard's victory, the most anticipated Battle of Five Armies (which might contend with the Battle of Minus Tirith in Return of the King), and the settling resolution of Bilbo's quest back home - and that is why this movie just had to be at number 4 on my list.

3) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

#DawnoftheApes" title="" src=",h_312,w_650/t_mp_quality/uploads_e888f35b-f959-4456-988b-b47383e15821-zz1-jpg-19683.jpg" />

Three years down and only six months to go as of now. The dawn has come. That's right, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is set to hit theater July 11th.

I don't know about you all, but I thought Rise of the Planet of the Apes was brilliant! It was of course a different approach of telling the apes story because the apes back story wasn't ever shown, so I love the fact they're going back to their origins. Unlike the original Apes films in the sixties and Burton's attempt, this new adaptation went to the impressive measures of computer generating the apes rather than prosthetic make-up that we're used to. Besides, how expensive and difficult would it be to train chimps on set anyway?

Anyhow, the Rise of the Apes sequel has breached into my list as being another long anticipating film we've been waiting for.

2) Interstellar

#Interstellar" title="" src=",h_521,w_1024/t_mp_quality/uploads_2f928983-624b-4f2b-b67b-7de11f2c2fbc-zz7-jpg-19690.jpg" />

Flying in at number two on my list is a new space adventure called, Interstellar.

In the past decade, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has astounded audiences with movies such as; Insomnia, Inception, and The Dark Knight trilogy - so as notorious as this household name has become, when you hear of an upcoming movie from this guy, you know you're in for something remarkable.

Although, this isn't quite a movie in particular people might be waiting for, but I mean come on it's another original story captured by one of the most extraordinarily talented directors today and that is why it has to come in second place.

Alright, so we've made it to number one of the list. This movie has been highly acclaimed by both fans and not-so fan-ish people (I guess you can say?) It has caught the U.S. by surprise and is as massive as its cult following since its first release in 1954 and has stayed with us as a trivial icon in cinema history. Still outmatched by any monster or alien abomination ever created and remains unchallenged and it's coming May 16th this year.

...and that movie is:


#Godzilla " title=" " src=",h_235,w_696/t_mp_quality/uploads_72d4ffab-d49e-42c1-af06-8577f7ee51b4-33rdbanner-png-19716.png" />

This is nothing like the 1998 edition. I firmly believe THIS is the Godzilla movie everyone's been waiting for. It's like we're over due for an epic Godzilla movie that is true to the original. We deserve it!

Just see for yourself again on the trailer below.

Gets me every time...

#Godzilla2014" title="" src=",h_1200,w_1600/t_mp_quality/uploads_1d6ac7cb-a278-4465-ac91-c1e1cbfe4e41-wallpaper_godzilla_2014_1600x1200_jposters-jpg-19717.jpg" />

Well, there you have it; my list of the top seven movies I think we've waited long enough for and they're just around the corner this year!

If there's anything I missed or if you have a list of your most anticipated movies coming out this year, please share in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked the choices. Have a great new year!


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