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It looks like Kevin Costner’s trying to take a page out of Liam Neeson’s book, with his new film 3 Days To Kill. From what we can see from the trailer, its clear that Costner is trying to reinvent himself as an action star. He’s got the gritty look down (the 2-3 day stubble), and the slightly raspy voice, but it comes off like what it is, a pale imitation of grittier characters from flicks like Taken, The Grey or any character Liam Neeson has portrayed in the last 5 years.

The originator of old guy bad assery in the 2000
The originator of old guy bad assery in the 2000's.

Even so, the film looks like it might be mildly entertaining, it could potentially fit very well next to the Lone Ranger in your Netflix que.

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