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Check out the special sneak peek released for Midsummer Nightmares II : Summer’s End. The film is the sequel to the indie slasher flick that celebrates the female psycho killer. Summer’s End is available for pre-order on the website. The film is in post-production with a March 2014 release date planned.

Midsummer Nightmares II: Summer’s End is directed by Ryan Stacy and stars Julie Sherwood, Stacy Freeders, Kelci C Magel, Scott Gillespie, Autumn Richardson and Joe Vollman who are all returning to the horror tale in their original roles. New cast members for the sequel are Kitsie Duncan, Erin R Ryan, William Adams, Taylor Buchannan, Michael Reeves, Jesa Ogelsby, Jesse Kennedy and Abby Seagraves.

The original Midsummer Nightmares gang is back. But who will survive this time? Director/writer Ryan Stacy reunites the original survivors with a new cast to continue the story that left off with the unimaginable question: Is Danielle Waters really dead...?


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