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So today I was reading an article that was full of fake funny titles for Batman Vs. Superman. I started to think of some that I think should be the title or at least be considered. Now don't be like about 75% of the people who read and comment on my articles because this is my opinion and just learn to calm down and let people think what they want to think. Now I will also include the rumored Batman Reboot titles that I want, and I will throw in a few other things in this so far messy article so lets start with the Batman Vs Superman titles.

  • Man Of Steel 2: World's Finest
  • World's Finest
  • Batman/Superman (Remember there was a animated movie with this title)
  • Man Of Steel 2
  • Man Of Steel: Justice League Origins (Now before you fanboy out on me like you did before, think about it. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. These three heroes are Justice League characters and I am thinking that maybe they will throw in something, like somebody will say "Hey we are starting a team for heroes to protect us, lets call it "Justice League". Now I still know that you will spam up the comments with "WHAT ABOUT FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, CYBORG, MARTIAN MANHUNTER, AND AQUAMAN?!?!?!? THEY ARENT IN THE MOVIE SO HOW CAN IT BE A JUSTICE LEAGUE ORIGINS?!?!?!? IRON MAN 2 HAD IRON MAN AN BLACK WIDOW AND IT WASNT CALLED IRON MAN 2: AVENGERS ORIGINS!" so just shut up because I know you are going to type that anyway and it is three characters from Justice League, I am just saying to calm down for once in your life.)

So lets move on to Batman reboot titles, but before we do that, I came up with some other Man Of Steel 2 titles that were stupid and should just be joke titles like "Knight Of Steel" which I would actually like to see as the title or be considered, but then everybody would say it is stupid in the comments below. So here are some Batman reboot titles:

  • Batman: Arkham Origins (Now I know what you are thinking, "But that was the third game not the first" so first of all, shut up and let me say something first, and second: it tells the origin first, it is better to do the movies in this order : Arkham Origins, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City. So lets tell that epic origin first then do the first two games that were not origin stories.
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum (Or we could do it in the order of the games came out in and do the origin last, or we could just do Asylum and City and not even do Origins.)
  • Batman (It is a reboot, which also means remake, lots of remakes have the same title as the original, so lets just call it "Batman".)

So before I close off on this weird article, I would like to say that if somebody that is internet famous is making a Batman fan-film that has Joker in it, cast this man as the Joker, but don't get mad that this is my opinion for a online fan film, but:

Doug Walker

Doug Walker is best known for his character "Nostalgia Critic" and in one of his reviews he just seemed to me like a perfect fan-film Joker, the review I am talking about is his video "Nostalgia Critic- Master Of Disguise" and I will post it in below this and one part in it just screams Joker to me, somebody even said this in the comments for the video. Now I know what you are thinking: "Joker doesnt have a beard", well just shave the beard or keep it and dye it green, but I say just shave it, do the make-up and have him be Joker, he actually is a huge Batman fan.

Let me know what you think the title should be, please no smart-ass comments please, thank you.


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