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10. Prisoners

A powerful movie with great powerful performances, this one keeps proving that Hugh Jackman is becoming a serious star besides being the longest running comic book character. This movie was so suspenseful that it literary kept me on the edge of my seat thinking who is the bad guy all of the movie, until a shocking reveal at the end of the movie. I really hope Jackman gets a nomination because this is one of the best performances of the year.

9. Saving Mr. Banks

This movie brought us the story behind the making of one of the most famous movies of all time. Emma Thompson gave us one of the best performances of the year and of her lifetime, giving us a story full of heart and difficulties that at the end it gets the magic sprinkles that really needed. Another big surprise was Colin Farrel’s performance, I didn’t have time to write a review for this movie, but it was amazing it stood toe to toe with Emma Thompson. A beautiful movie for the whole family, everyone should watch it, even if you haven’t seen Mary Poppins.

8. Warm Bodies

A different take on the zombie genre and Romeo and Juliet story that worked so well, funny, charming and new made it a perfect combination for a great movie. I really loved this movie and it was a great surprise, I still haven’t read the book but it’s definitely on my list after seeing the movie (there will be a sequel to the book and hopefully one to the movie). I really recommend this movie to everyone, I saw it three times on theaters and once I own the blu-ray will definitely give it another few rounds.

7. The World's End

The final conclusion to the Cornetto trilogy went out with a bang, a great movie with great moments. The whole movie can be summarized on the picture above, the story wasn’t Oscar worthy but with such a great cast, writing and directing that it made it perfect. I went in and watched all three and this is my favorite of the three, sadly the Cornetto trilogy came to an end but I am very much excited to see what Edgar Wright brings us next (Ant-Man!!!!). Cheating on this one.

6. Star Trek into the Darkness

Better than the first one, it brought us the biggest bad guy from the Star Trek universe, sadly with very bad marketing nobody knew about it (or did know). Great action and a further development of the characters made a great sequel work, it also gave us beautiful worlds and a good story to bring Khan into this new universe. The next chapter of this series won’t be coming from Abrams, in a way I think this is good it will bring a different view into the series and possibly bring us a great conclusion (maaaaybe they might bring a new series with this new cast).

5.5 Captain Phillips (cheat)

A great movie that tells an amazing story, filled with great talent. The whole movie keeps you in suspense and on the edge of the seat and when the movie concludes, those last 10 minutes you can truly see why Tom Hanks is one of the best actors in history. Truly superb and highly recommend it!

5. 12 Years a Slave

This is by far the best movie of the year (if I had made a list of the best movies, aka possible Oscar contenders, this would take the #1 spot followed by Captain Phillips). The amazing story of a free black man made into a slave and all he went through, this amazing movie gave us one hell of a performance from both Ejiofor and Fassbender, every emotion was transferred to the audience and we felt a very emotional movie to the end with a great satisfactory end.

4. Man of steel

Easily the best super hero movie of the year and for the longest time my favorite movie of the year. The new reboot of Superman gave us a more modern look into the son of Krypton, not only it had great action and great story it also had very memorable characters and the groundwork for the DC shared universe that we will see in the upcoming Superman vs Batman, which is possibly one of the most anticipated movies in history.

3. Ender's Game

I really wasn’t expecting that I was going to love this movie so much, it suddenly took the spot from Man of Steel as my favorite movie of the year. An okay story was compensated by a great performance by Asa and Ford and some very amazing visuals, truly astonishing space sequences. Like other movies in the list, the movie introduced me to the book and that is something really good for both the movie and the book, the movie also followed the book very closely, which was surprisingly good.

2. Frozen

A beautiful movie that tells us that true love not only has to be romantically. Disney gave us a story about two sisters and a bit of magic in the mix, it was a perfect fairy tale like no other. It also had some of the best songs in a while, specially possibly the best song of the year “let it go.” This great animated movie was also one of the best movies of the year.

1. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

And finally the last one, the #1 spot. Easily The Hobbit: DOS was the most entertaining, most amazing, the best visually and stupendous movie of the year. I loved it! I have seen it three times and I could watch it fifty more times, I loved so many things about I, I even had to make another short review highlighting great things about the movie because I just want to talk about it so much! I cannot wait to go watch There and Back again next year and eventually watch the whole Middle-Earth series! A MUST WATCH.

Disclosure: I haven’t seen Wolf of Wall Street, Her, American Hustle, Gravity… Which I’m sure would make it into the list but for right now these are it.


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