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We will be seeing a familiar face returning to the X-Men cinematic universe. At the premiere of Girls, actor Evan Jonigkeit revealed to MTV that he'll be playing a mutie that we haven't seen since 2000's X-Men.

"Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else."

Yes, it's true! Toad!

Jonigkeit confirmed that he will indeed be playing a younger version of the snarky, amphibian-like mutant (that I loved) as previously seen in X-Men.

Great casting choice! One of the things I'm SO excited about in the upcoming sequel is the casting. First Class was, in my opinion excellently cast, with a few exceptions. Without a doubt, I can see how Jonigkeit will be his own version of Toad (and not just copy Ray Park) and will prove to be an excellent addition to this movie.

This news really excites me. I always said that Toad needed more screen time and now he's getting it! But this news begs the question - Does this mean that we could be seeing the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants appear in Days Of Future Past? Also, will we see other members of the brotherhood? Perhaps Sabertooth? This fan hopes so. Come on, I know you're connecting the dots in your head. ROLL CALL!

  • Magneto: CHECK
  • Mystique: CHECK
  • Toad: CHECK
  • Scarlet Witch: CHECK
  • Quicksilver: CHECK

Hhmmmm... Honestly I love this movie more and more each time I hear an news about it. Cannot.Wait.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past comes to theaters on May 23rd! Directed by Bryan Singer and featuring every freaking X-Men character ever.

So tell me, are you excited about the casting of Toad? What do you think about the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants appearing in Days Of Future Past? Who are you most excited to see? Let your voice be heard in the comment section below! :D


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