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Harley Ludy

It has been officially announced that there is going to be a "Little Shop of Horrors" remake. It makes me worried for a couple reasons. For one, who will they cast to beat the amazing Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, and Levi Stubbs. The original characters are never going to be able to be topped. Mostly because I can't imagine any other actors for Seymour and Audrey II. Rick Moranis is spectacular, but for one, he's too old to play a teenager, and another thing is that he has retired from acting. Even though he may be returning for Ghostbusters 3, doesn't mean he would be able to return for this picture.

Also, Levi Stubbs is dead. The only other voice actor I can think of to play the hilarious, mischievous plant is Ken Page, who played as Oogie Boogie in "The Nightmare Before Christmas." The other thing that worries me is the usage of CGI. I am hoping they keep the puppet. Without the puppet, it would most likely be a sucky CGI effect. Whether it's a puppet or CGI also affects the acting. If it is a puppet, there would be a more realistic acting source. I understand that there are limits with the puppet, but for the standard plant scenes, they should use a puppet. What do you think? Should there be a Little Shop remake?


Are you ready to feed the plants again?


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