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Warning: Superhero-sized spoilers coming up.

Last night we finally learned that Agent Coulson's resurrection from the dead wasn't due to black magic or some futuristic robotic implants, but was instead thanks simply to medical science and a surgeon's steady hand.

During last night's episode, "The Magical Place," Coulson used the Centipede machine to discover what really happened to him on Tahiti. Turns out that 'Tahiti' is actually an operating room where Dr. Streiten saved his life. It wasn't all plain sailing though, as it was revealed that Coulson had been dead for a few days and had gone through seven surgeries before he was successfully saved. And as for the memory of Tahiti, it was inserted into his brain in order to give him a jolly memory so his former happier self would be restored.

So Tahiti is Coulson's very own happy place?

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the outcome. I was hoping that Coulson was some sort of superhero or that magic had been used to fix him up. But saying that, the robust agent was taken off the Centipede machine before he could see the entire story, so I think there'll be more revelations down the line.

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Coulson's reveal was...


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