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Matt Carter

The Walking Dead Season 4 saw a new and deadly threat emerge for the survivors at the prison — a virulent plague that killed nearly everybody it infected.

Despite the group abandoning the prison in the wake of the Governor's onslaught and fleeing through the Georgian countryside, they might not have left the vicious virus behind.

When TWD exec producer and FX guru Greg Nicotero was asked if we'd see more of the virus when the show returns he responded:

Yeah, it’s very possible! I really don’t want to ruin anything, because I tend to talk a lot and I don’t want to give anything away and then in February you’ll call me and say, “You asshole! You @#$%ing ruined that for me!”

It would make sense for the flu outbreak to still be a threat because you don't get over a pandemic with a couple of aspirin and a back rub. I think the body count is set to rise when the show returns.

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(Source: Channel Guide Magazine)


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