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I am a big fan of Sequels, no matter how much people hate them. I think Sequels are like...the expansion of a really good book. This list is not talking about a sequel to a trilogy. We are just talking about films to the original.

The Story Must Go On.

Number 5!

Incredibles 2

The Incredibles was a great animated film. It deserves a Sequel. But I don't know why it hasn't gotten one. Maybe the film was too good.

Number 4!

Hancock 2

Now there has been talk for a sequel. But for some reason, there has been no update on that for a while.

This role was one of Will Smith's best roles.

Number 3!

Croods 2

This was another great animated film. The humor really made me love this. There were some parts of the film that did not need to be included and edited out. But I am not the Director. But still, this was a great film.

Number 2!

I-Robot 2

Another great Will Smith role. I-Robot takes place in the future where Robots have been part of the Human Race. But then something goes wrong, and all Robots have turned. Turned to evil. And Will Smith character must save the day with the only Safe Robot left, Sunny.

Great Action film, and deserves a sequel.

Now....the Grand Finale! (drum role)

Number 1!

Monster House

I loved this film and always will. The characters, story, etc. It was all memorable.

What do you think of this list? Were there any movies you have not seen on this list that you are now interested to see?


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