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Teen Wolf, season 3 part B started off with massive amounts of insanity for all. It was like watching Opera, ''You lose your sanity, you lose your sanity and you lose your sanity! EVERYONE LOSES THEIR SANITY!!''

As you can see in this lovely Tumblr post how true it is.

The Teen Wolf Tumblr gave me everything I wanted and more for GIF's from the funnier and more dramatic moments of the episode. This being one of them:

But enough of the Tumblr URLS.

This episode was everything I wanted and more. It set up a lovely pace for the rest of season 3 oozing with Japanese lore and pain for our characters. Of course I don't want to watch Scott, Stiles and Allison lose what's left of their mind but the show really does make me appreciate the tagline for this half of the season.

-We have Sheriff Stilinski trying to find out some answers from unfinished cases throughout his career with FBI Agent McAsshole, aka Scott's dad, trying to get him fired.

-We have Melissa being the best mother ever for Scott and Isaac, whose dealing with Isaac crushing on Allison and his inability to control his wolfy side due to dying and coming back to life. ''Be your own anchor!'' -Melissa McCall, best TV mother ever.

-Poor Allison is hallucinating Kate Argent, almost killed Lydia and while dreaming of making out with Isaac has Kate kill him. Oh the painful foreshadowing of a possible Lydia's death... Lydia is of course being the best friend to help her through it, along with Isaac whose keeping an eye on her.

-And last but not least, we have Stiles being unable to tell when he's awake and can only wake up screaming. Lydia and Scott are both helping Stiles and vice versa.

-We also had the introduction of Kira Yukimura played by Arden Cho and her father, the new history teacher. “I can set myself on fire and be noticed.” — Kira to her father, Mr. Yukimura about being noticed in Anchors.


The episode went full circle with season 1, we had Scott going to Stiles to find the dead body of Malia Tate like they did in season one to find the dead body in the woods/Derek Hale's property.

Scott with the Kitsune
Scott with the Kitsune

Last but not least, we have the Hale men, Peter and Derek chained up and being electrocuted by a mysterious villain of the season.

Ian Bohen and Tyler Hoechlin
Ian Bohen and Tyler Hoechlin

Peter: Why are you looking at me like this is my fault?
Derek: Because it is your fault.
Peter: You're probably right.


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