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The recent cuts to veteran pensions, military pay, and personnel reduction initiatives (due to sequestration), have sparked an unexpected movement in the armed forces, especially the Air Force. This chain of events has been marked as: The Air Force Hunger Games. Some also like to call it, The Air Force retention games. After the announcement of these reduction force programs, the AF/Hunger Games meme's came out of left field. This may seem like a joke, but people are very serious about the current state of affairs in the military. Thus the term: AF Catching Fire. Let this be a testament of art imitating life. We can always find a way to connect the two. But why the comparison to The Hunger Games?

  • Airmen want to fight against a flawed system
  • Airmen demand their voices be heard
  • Those forced out under these new programs could be left scrambling just to survive.

This is a perfect example of art imitating life. Thousands of lives hang in the balance because the government does not know how to manage their money. The Air Force needs to clean up a 20 billion dollar deficit. They have solved this deficit problem by gathering as many airmen as they can, and forcing them to separate involuntarily. Thus disrupting livelihoods, and much like the 12 districts in the Hunger Games films, leaving many lives to hang in the balance.

The Hunger Games as a whole enforces the idea of rebellion, and revolution. While that is against military law, young officers and enlisted have gravitated toward THG series for what it represents. They have shown show resistance in other ways and rightfully so. As a whole, the men and women that lay down their lives daily deserve better.

As a whole, the programs set in place can guarantee, no matter how many years they have been in serving in the military, you could face involuntary separation. A small percentage of those separated may separate with some incentives intact. Others will leave involuntarily with nothing. This is why the phrase, "May the odds be ever in your favor," reasonates loudly throughout the services. Military and Veterans alike are rightfully angry and they are definitely speaking their minds about the issue.

As a member of the Air Force for the last 6 years, let me be the first to say individuals that serve in the armed forces are not rich. We simply do not make as much money as people think we do. Much like those living in the districts in the Hunger Games saga, many are just struggling to get by.

These are pictures that were found on the internet to let the reader know just how serious this THG/Military connection is:

This an Air Force coin. Coins are used to commerate acts of service or valor and are normally presented by a higher authority. At the top is are pictures of what a typical Air Force coin looks like. Someone has made their own Air Force/ Hunger Games coin. This is not just an Air Force problem, but all the branches will suffer from these personnel cuts.

You know its serious when there are meme's!

In this article, I discuss a small piece of a very large and on-going issue. This will be a challenging time for all military members of the armed services. I encourage everyone, to research more and discover more for themselves. if you have questions. If you want more information about the Air Force personnel reduction programs, please click HERE


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