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Amanda Turner

Fifty Shades fans can relax now that we have it CONFIRMED for there to be 3 films of the Fifty Shades books trilogy. Originally, many were convinced that the entire trilogy would be condensed into one giant Fifty Shades movie after a bogus report made on Perez Hilton and Hollywood Life websites, explained Latinpost:

...Efe then reported that all three stories in E.L. James's trilogy would be told in one movie, citing 'a recent statement' from 'the production company.'

Next, gossip site Perez Hilton exacerbated the rumor by pointing out that Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele do not get married until Fifty Shades Freed, sending various other gossip sites into a frenzy.

"Three books. Three films. :)," James said via Twitter in response to a fan asking if the upcoming movie would be based on all three books.

Phew... thank goodness!



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