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We've had our DC Trinity cast for some time now so I figured I'd showcase Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, and Ben Affleck in their respective roles as Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman together in a mock one sheet key art poster.

I took to DeviantArt for some source material to work with and I ended up coming across an awesome Man of Steel piece by Rudyao and a really amazing concept art piece by Rahzzah that re-imagined the look of Wonder Woman into something that I think looks absolutely amazing. I couldn't find the right kind of Batman image that I was looking for, so I opted to use artwork from the Arkham Origins video game that best suited the idea I had in mind.

Knowing full well just how grand in scope a movie featuring all three of these iconic heroes would be, I tried to ape Drew Struzan's style of one sheets to get that epic tone just right, while also trying to have the poster kind of look like the cover of a graphic novel as well. The posters above were the end result. Hope you dig 'em!

View larger verisons of the posters here


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