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Before you all start hating me for this post, let me just say that if I had to choose between a reboot or no reboot, I'd choose to have none. But I got to thinking, the Abrams Star Trek movies are some of my all time favorites and if they do Next Generation in a similar way...well I think that'd be okay. As for a plot of the movie, I don't really have one so I'll just stick to fan-casting for this article.

Title: Star Trek the Next Generation

Director: Joseph Kosinski or Marc Webb

Joseph Kosinski has proved himself (at least to me) as a great sci-fi director with 2013's Oblivion which is number 5 of my Top 5 Movies of 2013 and if he were to do Next Generation, I'd love to see it. I also chose Marc Webb because I love the way he does camera movements and his focus on characters which is what the Next Generation is all about.

Geordi La Forge - Brandon T. Jackson

Both as a comedic actor and actor in general, I think Jackson is pretty good when he's not in Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters...and so I'd be interested to see him in a more action oriented movie.

Deanna Troi - Olivia Wilde

I think Olivia Wilde a great actress and I think she would do well in Star Trek, it also would be a chance for Kosinski and Wilde to work together again.

Beverly Crusher - Amy Adams

People are probably going to hate me for saying this but I really can't stand Dr. Crusher in Next Generation. Maybe it is because Bones is my favorite character in Classic Star Trek and so when you go from Bones to this unlikable character it just drove me crazy. But it doesn't mean it can't be done right; new timeline, give her a likable personality and have her be played by one of my favorite actresses: Amy Adams. Not only is she probably the prettiest woman in my opinion, I think any movie she's done I've always liked her performances.

Worf - Dwayne Johnson

People tell me that Dwayne Johnson is a bad actor...uh huh watch Snitch or Faster then tell me that. Anyway, I've grown to really like Johnson over the years and I think him as a Klingon would be perfect.

Will Riker - Sam Witwer

I know I put Sam in my fan-castings before but seriously, GIVE WITWER BIGGER ROLES!!! This guy is an awesome actor and a fellow nerd. He's even a good singer. So yeah, have Riker be his first big Hollywood role. I was tempted at putting Henry Cavill on this slot because he actually looks a lot like Riker.

Miles O'Brien - Ewan McGregor

Underrated character in my opinion and I love McGregor so I think he could pull it off.

Tasha Yar - Jennifer Lawrence

Yeah I know she's in everything nowadays but hey can't blame me for thinking she's a talented actress. Oh and Hollywood? PLEASE! DO NOT KILL OFF TASHA! I hated that in the show and I would hate now.

Data - Nicholas Hoult

In my opinion, Hoult is a great actor and I'm glad he's getting more roles and I would LOVE to see him as Data. People are probably going to disagree with me but that's fine.

Now we come to the hardest casting of all...Picard. How can anyone replace Patrick Stewart? Well I can never forget Stewart but if I were to cast Star Trek the Next Generation I would choose...

Jean-Luc Picard - Ray Fiennes

Ironically this is who I would choose for Xavier in an X-Men reboot. Fiennes is a really good actor but I always see him as a villain, I'd like to see him as a hero for once.

That's my fan-cast, tell me what you think in the comments.


Who would you rather have direct the Star Trek the Next Generation Reboot?


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