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Cody Reece

Somebody is going to die in Avengers 2. Well, that's what I think. In fact, that is what a lot of people are speculating.

Last year, Joss Whedon said that somebody may die in the next film. And this is my list for who may die.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury was one of the weaker characters in Avengers (even though he is a sharp with a gun). The only action scenes with Nick Fury was in the underground base. And that was it! Nothing more! (please correct me if I am wrong) So that is why I think Nick Fury is a character that could die in the sequel.

Iron Man

Iron Man? Yes, Iron Man. I mean, the Villain in this movie is Iron Man's butler. Ultron could want some revenge. First Target the city, then Iron Man.

Why Target Iron Man? Because what do butlers do when they can finally be free after many many years of doing the dirty work for a certain Tony Stark? And not get a thank you back? Revenge.

Last, but not least.......

Captain America

Captain America is a super soldier with a Frisbee. He was also one the weakest characters in Avengers. Not physically, but mostly by everything else. Captain America should be the Nick Fury. Captain America should be the the guy who makes orders and doesn't answer questions. Because Captain America is a leader. He showed that in Avengers. Now that may all change in the up coming sequel. But you never know.


Who do you think could die in Avengers 2?


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