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I'm not claiming to have seen every funny film in 2013, but these are the ones that I saw had me laughing the most and maybe even had a little heart to boot.

5. We're the Millers

We're the Millers is not an intelligent movie, it has more d*ck jokes than it knows what to do with and the humor is about as low brow as it gets. That still didn't stop from cracking up throughout the vast majority of this movie and they even threw in some (sorta) "heart warming family values," at the end. And for that it gets to start of this list at number 5.

4. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

This film is one of the few comedy sequels that got everything right. They take the characters you loved from the first film, add hilarious new ones and cram in enough ridiculous sub-plots and cameos to have you laughing your perfectly groomed head off the entire time.

3. Grudge Match

I went into this movie expecting one thing, Rocky Balboa vs. Jake La Motta and I got something entirely different, a laugh out loud comedy with great performances from the whole cast, including Sly's best in years, and a whole lot of heart. As a long-time boxing fan, the end credits scene alone made the movie worth it to me but seeing two boxing film legends in the ring together, even in their 60's was a lot of fun, especially when accompanied by a great script and hilarious comedic actors.

2. This Is the End

In a year full of comedies full of d*ck and fart jokes, these d*ck and fart jokes certainly made me laugh the hardest. In the idea formulation process of This Is the End, Seth Rogen apparently thought, why don't I get together a bunch of my friends and famous people I know in Hollywood, have them play themselves, put them in a ridiculously horrible situation and make it hilarious? And he did just that. This Is the End is by no means a thinking man's film, but the chemistry of the main characters and the hilarious writing and, I assume, ad-lib dialogue will have you laughing harder and longer (<<Let the jokes begin haha) than just about any other film this year. And that is why it just barely misses the top spot for my number 1 comedy of the year.

1. The World's End

It's the end of the Cornetto Trilogy and, man, did it go out with a bang (literally). By now we know what to expect from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, ridiculous concepts, over-the-top action and a truck load of hilarious, witty British humor. The whole cast is phenomenal in this film, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have spent so much time together on screen and off their dynamic works in pretty much every setting. Like This is the End, the whole cast's chemistry is on point and they all bring as many laughs as you can handle and more and just enough acting chops to keep you invested in the story and characters. The World's End just edges out This Is the End because the humor, for the most part, is much more intelligent, it is a fitting end to a legendary comedic trilogy, it is no small feet for the British rendition of two similar comedies to win me out, as an American, this film has done that and, for that, it is my number 1 favorite comedy of 2013.

Agree? Disagree? Did I miss anything? Leave your input and favorite comedies of 2013 in the comments below!


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