ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

Today Entertainment Weekly released a set of pictures and an interview regarding the next one-shot that is going to be attached to the Thor: The Dark World blu-ray. The story will follow Ben Kinglsey as Trevor, aka The Mandarin; here Marvel seems to address the conflict that fans had between loving the twist or hating them changing the character.

It seems that people at the prison are also having those mixed feelings, but Trevon gets the stardom that he always wanted. It also might hint to Iron Man 4, there is no truth to that but there is also the possibility. I can’t wait to see this one-shot, I was one of the people that liked the twist, I found it funny and unexpected and to see what happened to the comical villain will be something very interesting; plus on top of that I might get some hints for a possible Iron Man 4.


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