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Following the events of Batman vs Superman, as well as the Flash and possibly a Wonder Woman film, we are to understand that the DC Cinematic Universe will continue with Justice League in 2017. My previous pitches have alluded to how I would approach the DCCU and this pitch would follow the Wonder Woman Pitch.

With Lex Luthor imprisoned (Batman vs. Superman), Devastation destroyed (Wonder Woman) and The Flash introduced in his subsequent film, the DCCU can pick up here with 4 heroes ready to go and a Steve Trevor headed Justice League looking to recruit more members to have enough power to ward off the otherworldly forces that have been popping up everywhere. Here is my stab at a Justice League film. (I apologize, the outline is long winded but this is part 1 of 2)


Opening: Foreign and humanoid feet run over red earth, digging in and leaving large footprints. Blackness, a sheer void stretching from the ground to the far reaches of the sky above is right on the heels of the green Martian, a man in a long flowing cloak. He cannot outrun it for long and it quickly gains on him. Other humanoids run near him and are consumed into the blackness. The Martian rounds on a ship of sorts and jumps aboard, another beside him. The humanoid yells, what is going on? Our main Martian yells over the roar of the consuming madness, it's pulling us in, some sort of planetary void, they have to get off planet. They take off, missing it by inches, rocks and debris fly by until the second Martian is hit and knocked free from his seat, he grasps the back of the ship and our character grabs him but he tells him to let go, addressing him as manhunter, escape and free our people. He slips off and is consumed by the mass of darkness. Manhunter flies off planet aboard his ship and Mars behind him is completely lost to the black of space, three orbs that form a triangle in the sky close and nothing but empty space is left.

ACT 1:

A dark Gotham City, police are out in force tonight, and a patrol car passes right by our scene. Two criminals face each other in an alleyway and exchange a briefcase. One mutters something about a hack and he knows what to do when he gets the signal. The only light over the alley is then covered, plunging the two men into darkness. They draw guns but are quickly subdued by a seasoned Batman, our Caped Crusader. One is knocked out the other, interrogated. Batman says in six nights he has seen four other transactions, and none of the criminals friends made it through his questioning, they all caved. The only thing left for the criminal to do was to decide, how many broken bones does he want to have before going to jail? The criminal spits in his face, Batman breaks his arm. Still have over 200 bones left he says, and the man spills it, he doesn't know anything, everything was online. The job, the wired money, all of it. Batman isn't having it, no face to face? He asks but the criminal says he only knows the account number it was transferred from, the rest was cash. Batman demands the account number, and the man tells him, the briefcase has a drive, an autorun program. Batman asks if the program is autorun why so many people are hired to use it? What is the bigger picture? The criminal says it’s all he knows. Batman knocks him out and tags a locator on him for Gordon, then takes the Flashdrive, leaving the money and flies out of the alley with his grapple gun.

Cut to a prison cell, fiddling with the inner workings of a small alarm clock, Lex Luthor is kept in his own cell, and manages to make a small contraption with the low grade technology. Then he is summoned. The guard approaches, and tells him he has a visitor, a reporter. Lex says he’s not interested. The guard tells him that the reporter says he’s an old friend of yours. Lex gets up. In the visit room he sits down in front of the glass, facing a bespeckled Clark Kent. Lex asks what he wants, and Clark tells him he is writing a story about him, the president fallen from graces. Lex is unphased, he says he would love to have his side of the story told. Clark asks, his side being that he faked his kidnapping of them to rally US citizens against those trying to protect them. Luthor seems uninterested. He was in the right. There is something that Kent will always fail to grasp, that he is the source of the problem. Luthor tells Clark, the best thing Superman can do is to leave Earth before more of his friends beyond the stars come looking for him. Clark says that the last of Superman’s kind was killed, when he killed Zod. The last he knows of, Lex says. this sits with Clark a second. Luthor tells him not to worry, it is important that Superman’s secret be kept safe, for he will be the architect of his own destruction, either at the hands of his friends, or citizens of Earth. Luthor stands and walks out, leaving Clark.

In Washington DC, in a training facility, Diana Prince and John Stewart are practicing on a training course, they wreck half the room effortlessly. Then, Steve Trevor enters, Barry Allen in tow. Steve introduces the two to Barry who is impressed, looking around the room. Steve says Barry was brought in for his special skills, referring to him as the person who stopped (insert plot from the Flash film). Diana asks this is… she hesitates, The Flash? Stewart turns to Barry and says, are you really as fast as they say? He laughs he tells them to close their eyes, then to open them. He has straightened their mess of a training facility, everything is spotless. Diana smiles, turns to Steve, and says perfect. Barry asks what the job is, Steve tells him there are a few special recruits they are having trouble catching up with, and they think he is the man for the job. Barry looks interested. Stewart is sarcastically offended.

Back in the Batcave, Bruce Wayne takes his computer and opens the flash drive he collected from the criminal in the alley. Alfred joins him, asks about the drive. Is there a way to look at the code without it running its software? Bruce plugs it in, says if it is anything like the other four he found, its designed to hack into power plants and breach firewalls of power grid protection. He looks at the code, millions of lines. Bruce says there is a signature in the code, a hacker named COMPUTO wrote this. Clark shows up back at work, he greet Lois and she asks how the meeting with Luthor went, he says he wasn't so cooperative.

Then a Breaking news bulletin appears on screen and everyone diverts their attention. Barry Allen, John Stewart, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor look on at a restaurant in the capital. Bruce watches on one of the screens in his cave. There is a craft headed straight for the coastal United States, it is not slowing down. It has been spotted going straight for Coast City using the new imaging put in place by the former President Luthor. Could this be the next attack he was warning us of? Lois turns and Clark is gone, Diana goes to ask Barry to- but he is gone too. Stewart gets up to leave, says he’s not that fast. Superman flies as quickly as he can, breaking the sound barrier and pushing himself to his limits. Then he sees a red streak zoom below him. He pushes himself, and soon rounds on Coast City. He hovers above downtown, before he sees the craft, zooming quickly towards the Earth below. He rockets toward it, the Red streak goes to where it will land and stops. The Flash clears everyone out of the way and Superman grabs the craft and slows it down, it is pushing him closer and closer to where the Flash is standing. Superman slows it down just before he collides with the Flash. The Flash says thanks for the help. Superman questions him help? But before they can debate anything, the craft opens and steam pours from the ship, and out stumbles a green humanoid Martian on his hands and knees. He crawls, weak and exhausted. Crowds step back, gasps and screams, but our heroes step forward, Superman extends his hand. Bruce, Diana and Steve look on. The Martian looks up and says only, “They are coming” before collapsing. Police surround the scene in a heartbeat. Green Lantern shows up, says he’s glad he could help.

ACT 2:

Martian Manhunter is taken into custody, and Superman accompanies him with the national guard. He says the last time they overreacted, it is time to let him bridge the gap. Martian Manhunter wakes up and is speaking another language, but is quick to switch to English. He can read minds and Superman listens as he gives his warning. He introduces himself as J'onn J'onzz, and that he is coming, the collector of worlds, the consciousness, the one they all talk about. Superman admits there are no stories on this planet of whom he speaks of. J’onzz tells him it is a machine, a hyper aware consciousness that possesses a machine. He calls himself Brainiac. He will consume the world, just as he did to J’onzz own planet. Superman asks what they can do to stop this madness, and J’onzz says they must evacuate this place, abandon the planet, there is no pushing this away. Superman tells him that is not an option.

Bruce is in the Batcave and looks at the screen intently, just then, the drive powers up again and the autorun program is running, pulling all data from the computer. Bruce tries to unplug it but the program is running, he attempts to stop the program from extracting data from his computer but it is too late, it is loaded to a nondescript URL with the the letters COMPUTO masked in the type. Bruce swears and pounds the table, growling. Alfred steps back. He stands, knocking his chair aside. He says, they have everything, on everyone. Alfred looks terrified.

From different points on Earth, people look up to the sky and see three massive, floating orbs that form a perfect, enormous triangle in the sky, as it nears, the orbs grow larger and larger, stretching horizon to horizon, they hover there and wait. A large ship emerges from the void and comes to land near Washington DC. All eyes are on the ship, the next imminent attack largely feared. Luthor sits in a common area in jail and as all prisoners stand to watch TV, he stays seated and frowns, he knows he was right. From the ship emerges a pale, gaunt looking humanoid with a green tint to his synthesized skin and deep red holes in his bald head. He projects he voice through every computer, loudspeaker, television set and device, he says he has come here to speak to those that would call themselves Earth’s heroes. Protectors of the planet, hiding in the shadows or out in plain view, he knows their true identities. Batman watches, furious. If they turn themselves in, there will be no need for escalation. Diana looks at Steve, Steve grabs her arm, not wanting her to go. The alien goes back into his ship and the door closes.

For the rest of Act 2, the group of heroes- Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and the Flash- arrive at the Justice League Headquarters, it is there they all question how he has their true identities. Batman doesn't question it. They debate. Superman says there is no other option than to meet him, they now represent the Earth to a higher intelligence, and it is important that they negotiate. J’onn J’onzz requests to go with them. They bring him into their discussion, he tells them what Brainiac did to his planet, and what he will do to theirs whether they cooperate or not. So the world will know our identities Flash asks. J’onn says that there will be no world if they do not fight back. The group stages an attack on the ship still on land, they fight Brainiac’s guards, then Superman and Wonder Woman take Brainiac into custody, Wonder Woman ties her lasso around his neck and coerces him, into telling his intentions. He says she has no power over him, this physical form is but one of many. His synthetic body simply shuts down and is vacant. Once again, Brainiac’s voice is heard through everything, he tells them they should not have done that. Their loved ones and any that their secret identities protect are now his. Quite suddenly all power goes out on Earth. A ripple effect, grids, then cities, then coasts then countries and continents go completely dark. The small team exits the ship and stare up at the sky as the orbs and the great, giant black void looms.

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