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This is the second part of my pitch for the first Justice League film! To read the first part click HERE. Enjoy and any feedback hit me back here or on the first article.

ACT 3:

The league watches at the orbs slowly start to consume the planet, but each of them are rushing to their cities to find their loved ones. Batman arrives just in time to find Brainiac going after Alfred, whom he manages to stop and destroy. Batman tells Alfred he’ll be safe in the cave now. Wonder Woman finds Steve Trevor wounded by a humanoid being, whom she fights and manages to kill with her sword. Green Lantern flies to Coast City and creates force fields to aid fleeing people. The Flash manages to save Iris West, Superman gets to Smallville as a small ship arrives and unleashes a kryptonian on his mother, who Superman saves as well but subdues the kryptonian and asks where it is he came from. The kryptonian spits on him, Superman coerces him, he says when Krypton was destroyed not all who were trapped were freed. Superman looks concerned and knocks him out. Diana rushes Trevor to a hospital and runs out into the streets as the black void begins to consume Washington.

Superman at the justice league headquarters and puts the Kryptonian in a cell designed to hold him, then rockets off again. The void sucks in tops of buildings and cars start to fly in. The orbs move over the Earth. Batman flies above Gotham in the Batwing, he has the power to save none of them. He lands on the edge of the city as the void consumes his city and waits. The Flash dashes between streets and alleys stopping as many people from being killed as he possibly can before the void consumes the streets. Martian Manhunter tries to save people from being killed by collapsing buildings and flying cars and debris but can only do a little. Superman has his mother and Lois in Smallville. The void draws nearer and nearer each of our heroes until they are all consumed. The black void consumes the whole of planet Earth and we watch as the three orbs close and leave an empty hole in space. On the other side, all is normal, some cities are in ruins, others have just a bit of damage, but all are still existent. The light of the moon has been replaced with a large, glowing blue orb the size of a planet in the sky, it provides the only light over the Earth. Lois is terrified. What is this place? She asks. Superman replies that this is the Phantom Zone. In the Phantom Zone, several other planets with Earth form a ring, revolving around the blue orb of light that is at the center.

Superman tells Lois and Martha to stay inside. He flies to the Justice League headquarters, and finds the rest of the team there, except Batman. Together they interrogate the kryptonian who Superman subdued. He tells them they have no chance, the world now belongs to the one who runs the Phantom Zone. They debate options. The Flash has no idea what the Phantom Zone is, he and Diana listen as Clark and Stewart explain (armed with knowledge from the Guardians), Steve Trevor chimes in, so it’s basically where Superman’s people sent people all their criminals to make them another dimensions problem. Superman disputes this, he says Zod told him the Phantom Zone was opened when Krypton was destroyed. Batman appears in a corner and says that if that is true, then there is a way out. Manhunter says that he who has the technology to open the Phantom Zone has the technology to close it. Stewart says, then we need to find a way to open it again.

Speakers come on again and Brainiac’s voice emanates. People of Earth, soon forces will be sent to your planet to act as peacekeepers, any attempt to interfere with these peacekeepers will result in your execution. Welcome to my collection. The speakers cut and the heroes debate what to do. All disagreeing, fight, protect, defend, attack, then the whole place starts to rumble. A massive ships land and from it, hundreds of Kryptonian criminals start to exit the craft.

[ACTS 4 and 5 are a bit simpler so I’ll be a bit more brief.]

ACT 4:

With no time to debate and time only to act, the Justice League battles the entire Army as they exit the ship, the waves keep coming. John Stewart creates a force field over the entire battlefield so that no Kryptonian can escape. Batman tells them he has a plan to destroy Brainiac, but still doesn't know exactly how he will open the portal back to Earth. Superman tries to come with him, Batman tells him off Earth he will be useless, and he is needed to stop the armies here. Batman will take Brainiac’s ship to the central planetoid and him mainframe.

While Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman fight on Earth, Martian Manhunter goes with to help him open the portal. The two reach a factory-type warehouse, where they see long assembly lines that are just copies of the machine Brainiac, devoid of any life, until Brainiac starts to transfer his consciousness, into each new machine. They attack the two heroes, and they have to fight their way through. While Martian Manhunter holds them off, Batman finds the mainframe and just as the swarm of Brainiacs becomes too much, he is able to shut it down. The whole planetoid goes dark. Brainiac is turned off. For now. The portal opens without the power from the planetoid. Martian Manhunter and Batman realize they can only close it back if someone does it remotely. Manhunter says he will stay behind, he needs to be here, he needs to find his people. Batman goes, Manhunter says he can control the ship from there, through mind control with Batman.

Batman runs to the ship and Manhunter pilots it home. On Earth, the team fights against the Kryptonians, still pouring out of the ship, as they destroy their suits, the Kryptonians break down, not used to Earth’s chemical makeup. Martian Manhunter, flying the ship, steers their ship straight into the Kryptonian one, Batman tries to stop him, he cannot kill, but Martian Manhunter uses powers of mind control to shut him up, he makes Batman ditch the spacecraft and it crashes into the landing craft, destroying it. The last few Kryptonians are stopped by the team. Batman touches down near the ruins and the team, furious.

ACT 5:

Martian Manhunter manages to open the gateway and Earth is back to its normal place in our solar system. Jon Stewart lifts the wreckage of the ship and all the Kryptonians left into space. Manhunter turns the power back on and the planetoid powers back up, and the Kryptonians that Stewart was holding are now suspended in the Phantom Zone. Martian Manhunter turns to face the horde of Brainiacs and the Portal closes.

Just pretend Aquaman isn
Just pretend Aquaman isn't quite there YET.

The JL are hailed as the heroes of the Earth, and charged with its protection. Batman is furious, at the headquarters, Green Lantern expresses concern that whatever time the portal was open, it was time enough for something to escape, their portal wasn't the only one that opened. Superman says they will have to cross that bridge when they get to it. They all go their separate ways, Batman tells them Gotham may still be intact, but with no power, crime will be high, he suggests that everyone return to their cities too.

After credits: Green Lantern is in front of the Guardians, they tell him that an evil that has long been trapped has escaped the Phantom Zone and has already begun a path of destruction. The older Guardians call him The Fallen Prince of Apokolips.

What do you think? Would this make a good first installment of the Justice League? Also check out The Zach and Zack Podcast to listen to more discussions about film and filmmakers. Or tweet me @zgriffin22.


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