ByEthan Williams, writer at
Ethan Williams

New information has been released talking about Nightwing in CW's Arrow and the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Also, Flash is getting his own show as a spinoff of Arrow and will be appearing in the B v.S movie as well. Does this mean that fans will finally get their Nightwing movie. Maybe.

What we know so far about his role in the movie is that he has spent some time without being in touch with Batman. Interesting. With a character like Batman, it's hard to slip him into a movie without him being the main character. This could very well make it easy to bring in an audience without any appearance from Batman.

One thing that helps is that this is the superhero people want. He's ambitious, young, and relates in ways that people want to relate to a superhero. I love the character more than any other in the DC Universe so I am campaigning for this to work. If you have any thoughts, please comment.


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