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Matthew Ryan Spencer

Sources around the web recently have been posting about a recent interview involved with Friday the 13th. But most shocking of all to me, about the possibility of Jason "not" in the next Friday the 13th movie, which of course would could be seen as a homage to the original Friday the 13th, where Jason technically wasn't in it, at least not the Jason we're talking about.

Brad Fuller, the producer behind the 2009's Friday the 13th, had this to say when asked if Derek Mears was making a comeback as Jason.

"Again, I don’t know because I don’t know if we’re going to have Jason, I don’t know which Jason we’re going to have".

What Fuller had to say about the found footage:

"It’s something that we’re looking at, yeah. I never know because it depends on the story and what the story is. It’s been reported, that’s something that we’re looking into but I can’t tell you definitively that that’s what the movie is… I’m well acquainted with some very loud members of the audience who hate found footage and I understand that. I think for us it’s more about what the story is and what’s the best way to tell it. Until we figure out exactly what the story is for the next Friday the 13th movie, I can’t tell you what it’s going to be.”

This is what he said about people who hate the found footage idea:

"Well, I can understand that. The Purge was a little bit of a found footage movie. We have a movie called Welcome to Yesterday that’s a found footage movie."

All I know is that a Jason movie with Derek Mears back as Jason is what I want, and if it is done like The Purge, that is something I could live with! Fuller also wants Mears back, and went on to to say:

"I love Derek Mears, I love working with him and he’s a dream so we’d be lucky to have him.”

The bottom line, Fuller is not 100% on the script, the found footage idea, or the direction of where they will go. The only thing for sure is we are getting a new Friday the 13th and that he loves Derek Mears, which is a good thing.

I am more shocked that it isn't a sequel to the 2009 like Friday the 13th 2 (2015), I mean are they just going to make new "reboots" with new scripts every couple years, with similar name, and try different styles like found footage? At first that sounds like a dumb idea, but then when I thought about it, it is kind of like Night of the Living Dead, where Romero stuck to a formula for years, making new "reboots" with new stories and then shocked us fans with a found footage Living Dead movie called Diary of the Dead, which turned out great even though the buzz was against it, sort of how Jason in a found footage is getting negative buzz.

This is what Fuller had to say about the script:

“Now it’s a matter of getting a script that we all love, that we feel like we can execute in a great way. That’s always the battle, isn’t it?”.


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