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It seems the new year is the time to look back at Into Darkness, as here are some more behind the scenes goodies to enjoy. ILM has released a third video (following from the previous two a few days ago), this time looking at their work building San Francisco of the future, and then crashing the USS Vengeance into it:

What does the storied city of San Francisco look like in 2259? How does it function? Who lives there? All good questions -- these are exactly the questions that ILM VFX supervisor Roger Guyett, Co-VFX supervisor Patrick Tubach, VFX art director Yanick Dusseault, digital environments supervisor Barry Williams and model supervisor Bruce Holcomb had to answer to create a version of the city by the Bay that satisfied director J.J. Abram's vision for the film.

Meanwhile Into Darkness production artist James Clyne has updated his website with lots of new artwork from the film, including several images looking at the design of the Vengeance:

You can see a few more of my favourites from Clyne below, and find even more of his artwork from both Into Darkness and the first nuTrek film, by clicking through the slide-show on his website.

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