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Steven “Geeked Out” Merced

Enlisted, is a new comedy series from Fox, focuses on the lifestyle of living in an army base. It's from Scrubs writer and Cougar Town co-creator Kevin Biegel. So right there it tells you how funny this show can be. And I’m proud to say, it does deliver it, with a few hiccups; which can be fixed along the way.

The shows focus on Sgt. Pete Hill who, after an incident in Afghanistan, is sent back to a small military base in Florida, where he is reunited with his brothers and handed a new job, in commanding his dysfunctional brothers’ squad. A squad that I quite enjoyed, it reminded me of a modern day gang from Police Academy.

The pilot does focus on Sgt. Pete and his brothers, which if you have brothers yourselves you can relate, but I’m sure they’re not as weird. One of the brothers is the supportive brother that goes above and beyond. While the other one is more of the wild card that really doesn’t give a damn. Which is delightful to see, because you can see both of them having their own theme episodes later on in the season. Throughout the whole episode, there were a lot of jokes. Some of them were pretty dumb but it worked for the setting that the show is in. If there was one thing the viewers will really enjoyed, is how random the comedy really is. There just moments, that I could not stop laughing because of how relatable these characters were. And it’s all thanks, to Sgt. Pete’s dysfunctional squad, which is packed with everyday people that any viewer can relate to.

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