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This would make such an interesting story to tell on the big screen!

Let me preface this article by saying that I DON'T support the madness of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

I've posted pictures of the men in uniform below; some were W-SS, Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and French Arabian Legion. I always find something new every day and I remember reading about Black American athletes and soldiers going to Germany during the 40's getting treated way better than they would in America.

I honestly don't find this surprising. Of course there was racism/ignorance in Germany and they could've gotten treated far worse, but they weren't. In reality many Black American men were killed or brutalized by American MP (Military Police) overseas, which was documented in many events that took place in London.

There were reports of lynching’s within the military so looking back... Jews and non-whites had it pretty bad within their own ranks - with fellow American soldiers. They thought they were fighting for the "good guys", in essence they were getting stabbed in the back by their allies (literally).

Even Adolf Hitler was puzzled about why Black people fought for America when White Americans were just as ignorant/racist towards them. During the war Hitler would offer Black Americans to join him.

Woah-woah lets REWIND THAT! Hitler offered BLACK AMERICANS to be on his I don't care what excuse someone gives, like "Oh, he must've been low on men", no way in hell he was!

From what I've read about Hitler this guy was straight up COLD BLOODED EVIL! If he hated I mean HATED non-Aryans so much he wouldn't dare offer such things or speak to them. The truth is the man was clever but still a sick f*ck!

But very-very clever and real! He knew America was just as bad, probably worse (in some ways), but he had more issues with the Jewish people and their faith more than anyone else. Plus we need to remember being Jewish is not a race it will always be a religion (maybe ethnicity if your mother wants to carry you as a Jew by "blood" but technically it's a religion).

And I realized growing up that America was just as Nazi as Germany, the American portrayal was always a fair skinned, squared jaw, blonde hair, blue eyed person! I found that very ironic, even CAPTAIN AMERICA is an ARYAN MAN!

I just find it strange that we have a man fighting for America against the big bad Nazi Hitler that wants a pure Aryan race! Hmm, but we have a hero that's an Aryan dude...interesting. Thanks... so this guy is our representation of America? We will get more into that subject in another article.

The reason I’m ranting on about this is because neither side was technically "good", our history about both wars (WW1 & 2) has conveniently left out many important facts. I would love to see a more complex story showing the flaws of both sides - both sides were/are incredibly racist and sexist.

We had minorities fighting on both sides from Asian, European, African, Middle Eastern, and Arabian. Even other religions fought for Nazi Germany like Moslems and Jews! I understand this is a touchy subject but it looks very interesting and I would love to see a movie based on these men, with a focus on their point of view during the war. So here are pictures I found of non-White Europeans (excluding White German Jews) fighting for the Third Reich.

 Moslems praying in the morning that served for the Nazis
Moslems praying in the morning that served for the Nazis
Hitler with an Arabian leader
Hitler with an Arabian leader


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