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Somewhere by the end of last year I put up an article showcasing four movie projects looking for funding. Of course, more have popped up since then. Here's a few picks that just might be worth throwing a few bucks at.

Loving Vincent

This is a full length animated movie project by the Oscar winning studio of Peter and the Wolf. It tells us the story of Vincent van Gogh's life and death, using the impressive collection of 800 letters written by the man, segmented into interviews with those who knew him best. His paintings. The technique used in the animation is one I don't believe has ever been done, as every single frame of the movie is a hand painted on canvas oil painting using Van Gogh's own brand of techniques, carefully studied and replicated, basing each scene on one or more of 120 of his paintings.

At this point I don't even care about the story, I just want to see his paintings come to life. The project needs £75 000 by febuary 6th, and it's nowhere near that yet.


Indie studio Arrowstorm Entertainment has quite a few fantasy movies behind their belt, but this is their first Sci-fi adventure. Scouts from planet Earth finally finds a planet capable of sustaining human life, only to crash into it and be attacked by barbaric post apocalyptic warriors. Expect lasers, spaceships and pretty girls who kick ass. Not to mention the star of the movie, Kevin Sorbo who anyone that grew up in the 90's may remember as Hercules. The movie is already done, and the studio is using Kickstarter mainly to sell and promote the movie, which isn't exactly what the site is for, but still... might be worth looking into.

The sale lasts until February 8th, and they need $25 000, which shouldn't be a problem since they're just about $5 200 short with 27 days to go at the moment of writing.


This movie is almost done. Like 98% done. Nothing is quite so bad as being at a loss for funds just before the finish line, right? Joel Michael Guelzo only needed $7 000 to finish up, and that's already been taken care of by the looks of things. Way before the deadline at February 6th. So why should we fund this further? Well, he's got at least one neat stretch goal in mind, which could significantly add to the quality of the project.

Oh, and the movie is about a time traveler and his A.I. Companion stuck in the past and desperate to get back to the future before stepping on the wrong ant, or something. Whatever he's trying not to do, if he fails it could mean the end of all existence.


Girls and mathematics. From what I can see, it's almost that simple. There's a penny drive at the school and the resident number cruncher is intent on making sure the pennies add up to actual money. There's bullying involved where everyone plays victim, bystander and bully at different intervals, and notebooks and blackboards filled with equations. I'm not sure if this project is meant to educate or entertain, but if I was a schoolteacher, I might want to make a note of this one either way.

Christopher Boone needs $60 000 by February 8th to make this happen.

As always, feel free to speak your mind in the comments below, be it with opinions about the picks, factual errors I may have committed or your own suggestions of movies to support.


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