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Dawn Lodrigue


Lestat may not be sinking his fangs into a new movie, but his creator will be tasting television. This time Anne Rice has a different kind of underdog to root for facing inner demons, or angels, one could say. Angel Time has been picked up for a pilot season by CBS, so Rice fans can watch her talent unfold weekly in the form of assassin Toby "Lucky" O'Dare and his inner battle with his angels and demons.

Set in California as well as flashbacks of New Orleans at times, Angel Time is the story of what happens when an assassin tires and no longer finds satisfaction in killing, and this drives him to possible insanity, or maybe? I guess if we all think about it if one day we heard the voice of an angel talk to us about our soul not being doomed we would question if we had finally fallen off the crazy cliff too,right? Well, this time, Lucky has not. It really is an angel, God has sent him, and has a job offer of sorts. It is a bit reminiscent of Rice's other book, Memnoch the Devil, where Good and Evil offer jobs to Lestat. Nevertheless, Rice never has failed to deliver highly descriptive and emotional writing, so this is guaranteed to have one hell of a character depth as well as scenic perfection if done in her true style.

Angel Time the TV series was announced in September of 2013, no casting has been rumored yet. The book Angel Time by Anne Rice is book one in The Songs of the Seraphim series. We have seen great characters in the realm of Anne Rice, but what do you the fans think about CBS bringing one of her own to life? Yay or Nay?


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