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One of the bigger debates that comes with translating Wonder Woman into live-action is questioning how the filmmakers are going to approach her costume. The 'swimsuit' iteration isn't really ideal (or practical), and not too many fans are keen on The Amazon Princess wearing pants. Personally, I'm in the camp that swings more towards the battle skirt. Why? Because it just makes sense.

Previous live-action Wonder Woman costume designs that caught public attention weren't all that great: David E. Kelley's ill-fated NBC pilot had a Wonder Woman costume on par with one you could buy at the grocery store for Halloween, and something similar to the 70's Lynda Carter suit or the XXX parody version would look straight up ridiculous in a big budget summer tent-pole film by today's standard.

Wonder Woman is heavily inspired by the Greek mythos, so naturally, her costume should have some bearing towards what warriors wore in Ancient Greece. However, the issue with having a hoplite inspired costume in modern context is that it would look out of place next to a high-tech armored Batman and a sleek, alien suited Superman. While thematically it might make sense to have Wonder Woman wear the ancient garb of her people, having her look up to date is more cohesive visually and would be less jarring in live-action.

Is there a solution to making a modern Wonder Woman costume that respects the original design? I think so. Despite what many fans might think, something as simple as the addition of pants to the costume would definitely give it a more updated aesthetic. That said, just the pants wouldn't be ideal; it would need to be a combination of both the pants and the battle skirt.

For example, take a look at Sif's costume in the Thor: The Dark World:

The chainmail and leather skirt with the leggings definitely works, and she wouldn't look out of place in a modern setting, all while respecting the source material. I feel that those are the three key things that Wonder Woman's costume design should attempt to execute in order for it to look great on film.

To get a better idea of what Wonder Woman could look like in Batman vs. Superman, here's a photoshop mock-up I made of Gal Gadot in a conceptual costume that attempts to communicate the three important things I mentioned:

While the design takes visual cues from Sif's movie costume, it ultimately remains Wonder Woman-esque in the details. I think something similar to this would translate on screen in a way that is both respectful of the source material, while also looking "badass" in the contemporary sense.

I also rendered a pantless, battle skirt only version for comparison:

I'm not sure I could see this type of costume working in a present day narrative, where Wonder Woman is presented among the public alongside Superman and Batman, but it's not entirely impractical. A happy medium I could see is it being used in flashbacks sequences, or maybe while she's on Themyscira/Paradise Island.

Whatever direction they go, I'm certain Zack Snyder and his creative team will give us something amazing. But what do you think? Do you feel like the above mock-up design would work well in the upcoming Superman/Batman film? Or do you think the pants and battle skirt are unnecessary and the swimsuit would work fine? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

I want to give credit and thanks to the artists who provided the the art that helped me create the Wonder Woman costume mock-up. You can find the original artwork used to make the design from the links below:


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