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I have to admit, as much as it kills my pride to admit it, she looks good... Thanks for the image by Tim Gonzales, here's a link to his article showing off this amazing costume idea and for giving me a little hope that this movie and casting COULD work.

If you've read my articles or seen my comments around MP, you probably know I hated the casting choice for Wonder Woman. I really didn't think she had the look. I still have reservations but once again thanks to this image and this Vlogger, my faith is slowly being restored. You need to watch this! I know it's long but do it!

She couldn't have explained it better. Wonder Woman can be done! It can, it can, it can! Who here loves Game of Thrones and adores Arya Stark or Daenerys Targaryen? What about Selene from Underworld? Lara Croft (the first movie)? Sarah Connor? The Bride from Kill Bill? My personal favorite, Xena Warrior Princess... Oh Wonder Woman's mythos is hard? Funny because Xena's "mythos" is in a stretched sense parallel to Wonder Woman's. DC doesn't think people will like it? Xena had 6 seasons and was a huge hit in the 90s-early 2000s, and it was corny at times, it was still lovable!

I'm tired of hearing they won't like it because XYZ or because the lead character is of an XX chromosome make up. It's 2014 people, we have more than enough technology ect to make it work and not be corny or unbelievable. Katniss Everdeen did what to the box office lately? Oh yeah, it just went over Iron Man 3 in domestic sales. Do you think it was easy explaining any other of these amazing movie and T.V. character's backgrounds and stories? No it wasn't easy. Luckily they had the proper funding to get a good script, actresses, director, etc.

So do I think that Gal Gadot has what it takes to lead the franchise after her cameo in MoS2? I don't know, I really don't, and neither do any of you. Her list of acting experience is as short as her screen time in said roles. So am I a little nervous? Yes, I think everyone should be. Because as Ang says in the video, if she bombs it, there won't be a, "well it was probably the actress". No it'll be "well, no one must like Wonder Woman". Do I hope she does well? YES! Yes I do. Regardless if I think she was the right choice/looks the part (and I don't), it's too late for debate now, and she does look good in that photo. She's cast and if you really want a Wonder Woman movie it's time to get over it. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope she is played right in the cameo and can lead a franchise later. That is, if DC gets their heads out of their butts and start listening to their fans.

So regardless of the actress or if you think it can be done, do you want a Wonder Woman movie? DC needs to hear our voices and ENCOURAGEMENT for this to really happen.

And just for fun, here I am cos-playing as Wonder Woman, For my baby cousin
And just for fun, here I am cos-playing as Wonder Woman, For my baby cousin's birthday! :D


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