ByMaliq Alwazzan, writer at
Maliq Alwazzan

When crafting a sequel to a film whose best scene was its opening montage that had nothing to do with the rest of the movie, one doesn’t have to work that hard to defy audience expectations, as they probably sold them off for popcorn butter. In the case of James DeMonaco’s upcoming The Purge 2, he could just show footage of someone drawing a mean person’s face on an Etch a Sketch and everyone would be just as pleased. Fortunately, the film’s first quasi-synopsis has surfaced from one of its stars, and it sounds like they’re taking the (gulp) franchise in the right direction. Namely out into the world and far away from Max Burkholder’s Charlie Sandin, the dumbest film character of 2013.

Zach Gilford was recently speaking with Fangoria about Fox’s upcoming found footage horror Devil’s Due when he let a few details slip about The Purge 2. And because Gilford’s answer was worded as if the actor’s mouth was currently experiencing a purge of conversational depth, I’ll just paraphrase.


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