ByMaliq Alwazzan, writer at
Maliq Alwazzan

Bruce Banner, the alter ego of The Incredible Hulk, will have a romantic interest in the forthcoming, Joss Whedon-directed sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, according to movie rumor king El Mayimbe at Latino Review.

Logically, it will be Betty Ross, the daughter of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, currently known as the Red Hulk. Betty and Thunderbolt Ross appeared in 2008′s The Incredible Hulk, the second Marvel Cinematic Universe film, and in 2003′s Hulk, to which The Incredible Hulk was a loose sequel (“We couldn’t quite figure out how to term this,” executive producer Gale Ann Hurd said at the time. “It’s kind of a reboot and it’s kind of sequel”). Ross (and anything else resembling a supporting cast for Banner) was missing from Marvel’s The Avengers, presumably for the same reason that no supporting characters except for Iron Man’s girlfriend Pepper Potts appeared onscreen. Since he and Hawkeye are the only characters who will not have made significant appearances by then in their own films or as supporting players in other movies.


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