ByMaliq Alwazzan, writer at
Maliq Alwazzan

The 2008 comic book adaptation Kick-Ass was a wildly uneven, tonally scattershot whiff of a movie, redeemed considerably by one successful element: the subplot of Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) and Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage), the father-daughter crime-fighting team of real bravery and skill, in contrast to the clumsy and frequently ineffective title character. It doesn’t seem like this was a solitary reaction; the trailers and clips were heavy on the Hit Girl, and when you hear people talk fondly about that movie now, they’re very seldom talking about how great Aaron Johnson is. Hit Girl was a classic case of a supporting character stealing the show — a supporting character who, by all rights, should have been the star. And now they’ve made a sequel, Kick-Ass 2, in which they made the same damn mistake again. She’s the crowd pleaser; by this point, the title seems like a joke. Read more here.


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