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Before attending the advanced screening of Spike Jonze 'Her', I became very much interested after learning about the concept. I knew Mr. Jonze had developed 'Her' based on his short film 'I Am Here', which was a very well written and visually stunning short. Therefore, my expectations of ‘Her’ were high, and Jonze satisfied my expectation by creating such a spellbinding film that takes its viewers on a roller coaster called the emotions of life.

Jonze’s direction on this film was truly filled with pure imagination, and was progressively thought provoking. This entire feature made the audience feel like one is going on an emotional rollercoaster, as we become purged with emotions. The writing is stunningly real, and manipulative, which conveys the deep meaning of the film’s theme as it portrays today’s digital age society, where people become so engaged in technology that we avoid interpersonal relationships through physical human interaction.

This film broke my heart, and left me further speculating the true definition of a defined relationship. Samantha, a voice operating system, played by the talented and believable Scarlett Johansson, will emotionally grab the viewer on a cathartic journey, as if we are in a ‘relationship’ with her too, which again allows the viewer to question their relationships in life, and if technology poses a threat on what a relationship truly is. Johansson is not the only one that gives a fine performance; Joaquin Phoenix's gives one of this year's unforgettable performances on screen, Oscar-worthy if you ask me. Phoenix's presence in the film surely provides an emotional impact which demonstrates the strong talent ability that he exuberates on screen.

Most people will watch this film and conclude that this film is weird and unusual, but after analyzing Jonze’s complex, yet soulful message, one should realize this beautifully crafted film is nothing unusual because it actually mirrors our generation.

In today’s society, people are more engaged with the forever adapting advanced technology, that one forgets how important it is to maintain our interpersonal relationships outside of our digital attachment, which is why this film spawns out many questions pertaining to what is considered a relationship, and is human contact becoming less and less vital when forming one.

I truly appreciate this film, because it manipulated its viewers to realizing just how poorly dependent we are on technology, and how love-drunk this digital age can consume on us. Spike Jonze explores so many cautionary topics in this masterpiece, one being the topic of just how deeply we are attached to technology. I will go ahead and state that this film has become one of the best written films I have seen, and honestly one of my favorite films of 2013. This film delivered such cautionary realism, and makes society question the meaning of human communication in modern day, and how our digital age is replacing human interaction with a dangerous commitment to technology, as we like to call 'Her'.


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