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Ethan Williams

I'm going to repeat this. Scott Lang? REALLY?! I don't know too much about the character besides the basics but I love Henry Pym and I think that the majority of Ant Man fans are behind me on that. To recap, Marvel has announced that Scott Lang will be the main character in Ant Man NOT the original Henry Pym, who will be played by Michael Douglas. The thing is that I was really hoping for Wasp to appear in the next Avengers movie. That won't happen if Michael Douglas is her husband, Henry Pym. She'll be in her 70s! She shouldn't be fighting crime at that age, she needs to retire in Florida!

So, where do we go with somebody like Scott Lang? Let's look at his simple story. He's a thief who stole the suit from Pym but eventually started to use it for good. This means that Paul Rudd, one of the most likeable actors working right now, will be a thief with a heart of gold. This is right up his alley. Lang is a bit more loose and fun than Pym too, which fits Edgar Wright's directing style with action comedies (the Cornetto trilogy.) But, oh wait! There's drama.

Lang's daughter is ill, this leading him to steal the suit in the first place. That's one good storyline right there. Also, ignoring the outrage by fans, they could just make Wasp marry him and not Pym. I know, I know, I should go die in a hole for questioning Stan Lee's characters but who knows, it may not be that bad. If you have any ideas on how Lang could make his mark in the Marvel Universe, or you just disagree with the whole decision, please comment below.


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