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When Jared Leto was casted to play the Joker in Suicide Squad, I was thinking, "who the Hell is this guy?". So I looked at his profile and I must say I was impressed. But then I realized he had to fill the shoes of Heath Ledger. Then I pretty much stopped caring till I saw the pictures of what he was going to look like. On top of the preview of his Joker voice he did at one of his concerts and a leak I found. (if its real I don't know and don't care) I got pretty pumped. But then I looked into the things that he was doing to prepare himself for the role. That is where I am getting a bit on edge.

When Ledger became the joker, he locked himself in a hotel room for months to really find the character. He wrote a journal of things that would make the joker laugh and some of the things were really, REALLY, disturbing. And as we all know Ledger's preparation was not in vain as he is the best Joker to date. And because of the Joker's character sticking with him, it might have driven him to end his life.

With Jack Nicholson, He was already a maniac so I guess he just did it... And he did fine after, well... nothing wouldn't have happened if the role was given to someone else.

And then there was Romero. But that was the 60's and they couldn't go into full depth of the Joker's pure evil. Romero did do a very good job, but he was limited by what he could have done.

Then there is Leto. He has been deciding to stay in character off camera, which isn't a bad thing for the the most part is a good thing. But then there is the giving all the main cast members a dead hog and a live rat... now there is 2 things coming to my mind 1.) that is freaking hysterical, and 2.) Now that is messed up!

Now there is the Urban legends that who ever plays the Joker will become the joker and go mentally insane. Its really cool, but unlikely to be true, but then again, Heath was warned by Jack Nicholson to not let the role consume his life. And sadly Ledger did take his own life. So we will have to wait and see if the Dark Knight curse is a guy living in his moms house wanting to scare people, or this is a real curse.

Either way I am stoked for the Leto's role in the Suicide Squad. What do you think? Will Leto Nail the role? Will his life be affected after this movie? let me know in the Comment section.


Will Leto be the best Joker yet?


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