ByMaliq Alwazzan, writer at
Maliq Alwazzan

Annapurna Pictures new Terminator movie ‘Terminator Genesis’ is finally getting ready to begin filming and this is good news for fans of the billion dollar franchise.

The production team are heading to New Orleans and will begin shooting on April 21st according to a tweet by Production Weekly. Alan Taylor who most recently directed the comic book flick ‘Thor’ has been tapped to direct the reboot of the franchise with the stunning Emilia Clarke starring as Sarah Connor and Jason Clarke starring as John Connor. ( I have no idea if there is any relation between the two actors ). Emilia Clarke is of course best known for her work in Game of Thrones. Playing Sarah Connor is no easy task because unlike some films were women are relegated to mindless eye candy Sarah Connors character is complex and filled with depth. Not just anyone can step up and play that role well and I for one think Emilia Clarke can. Her work on Game of Thrones has shown she has the ability to evolve her character and play a complex role while still maintaining her femininity.


Do you think The Rock should be the Terminator?


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