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For those of you that watch serial killer drama The Following for its generous use of violence and brutality, I bring word of terrible news.

Creator, Kevin Williamson, has revealed that the show's sophomore effort will tone the gore:

I don't see the show as nearly [as violent], now that we're shooting episode 11. It's just from the storytelling of this year and the story we're choosing to tell kind of has different shapes and changes, and where it's at, I find it less violent than last year.

Say it ain't so!

The Following stars Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent on the hunt for James Purefoy's notorious serial killer and the first season was marked by some scenes of brutal violence.

But for those of you that like your cop shows gory, it's not all doom and non-violent gloom as Williamson has admitted that the Season 2 premiere will have some bloody stuff:

The first episode, 'OK, there's a little bit [of violence], but I felt [director] Marcos [Siega] did a beautiful job of making it scary. I don't really see it as gory. I guess it's subjective. I like a little bit of violence, sorry.


The Following Season 2 premieres Sunday.

Do you think The Following is too violent? Let me know in the comment section below.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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