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Guillermo del Toro's vampire series, The Strain, promises to be one of the TV highlights of the year, but don't expect the blood suckers to be perfectly coiffed, love-sick kids with a penchant for sparkling or screwing.

Executive producer, Carlton Cuse, shared these tantalizing details:

You’ll never look at vampires the same way. They’re not the sparkling, brooding dudes...They’re scary creatures.

About time! I'm getting tired of vampires being represented by impossibly attractive people who spend most of their time either [email protected]%king each other or complaining that so-and-so doesn't love them anymore.

I like my vampires to be genuinely terrifying, a creature so abominable that you wish you'd never laid eyes on it. And from the sounds of things, this is exactly what we'll get in The Strain. Del Toro's brand of vampires hack off their own genitalia, can eat and defecate at the same time (handy) and have revolting tongue appendages they use to 'turn' people. Sexy, they most certainly are not.

But there's more to The Strain than gore and violence (although there is plenty of that). Cuse has also promised that the show "says something about the precariousness of our modern world" and and also about the intersection of "empiricism and religion."

A violent vampire series with a social commentary? I'm down with that.

The Strain is set to premiere in July.

(Source: Deadline)

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