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Nicolas Carmona

**Will Contain Spoilers**

Last night’s episode was one of the best of the season, almost as good as FZZT (my favorite episode so far), so here are 5 things about the episode:

5. SHIELD and training

On this episode we got to see another side of SHIELD, seems like this is the trend, but now we got to see the training side and the young future agents. We learned about the two different ones basically operations and science/tech, we saw how SHIELD sees the potential and the talent that other people don’t see in these young people and train them to be the best at it. In comparison from last week’s episode, I liked this side of SHIELD better while being a secret agency still pursues to get the best and still treat them special (setting up a campus for advanced learning basically). This brings to mind there are many faces to SHIELD, possibly some we haven’t seen, which would be interesting to uncover as the series continues and how it ties with the movie universe, especially with Winter Soldier which seems to relay heavy on SHIELD.

4. New super villain/hero

This episode was also a gateway to introduce a lesser known villain to the universe, it all went in a sort of tragic hero way, which they seem to work out. Blizzard [find real name] was a young top student who made the wrong choices, was a good guy, but at the end realizing his new powers a hint of evil was seen as he was taking to Sandbox. This is the fourth super powered individual introduced to the series and already half way through it one of them died, another one is captured, and the other one hasn’t shown up again, which raises the questions, how are they going to deal with these super powered people? will they be major players in the series? will they work for the clairvoyant, like apparently everything in this world (again hydra???)? will they somehow tie into the movie universe?

3. Skye’s past

Another big development into Skye, one of the most boring main characters ever…but they seem to be fixing this, with a new back story that puts her front runner to be extremely interesting as they answer some questions but place another big mystery into the series, she is an 084 found 20 something years ago and people have been dying around her ever since; it is really good, the way that they shifted her story from being an abandoned orphan to being protected to death by SHIELD. The decisions they have done with her this second half have been really good, improving everything the character lacked, still not a perfect one but still a great improvement; so now there is the question, what is Skye?

2. The team (again)

Yet something else that they seem to have brought over from last episode; however, in this case it’s something that worked last episode and worked again on this one. The team, apparently they seem to work better together when Coulson is not heavily involved, which gives the team a sense of independence a sense that not only the characters but also the show is growing up and becoming something more serious. In here the team worked together to find out what was going on from different sides, once the threat was identified they also worked together to come up with a solution. Again the more they show the team working well together is a good path that is helping the series in a big way.

1. Fitz and Simmons

Lastly but not least, the duo that I think are the best thing of the show besides Coulson. Fitz and Simmons not only have great chemistry as actors and as characters but also their stories seem to be much more engaging that everyone elses. Here we learned they were actually super stars at the SHIELD training facility, we see more of their intellect, we see Fitz praising Simmons above him when he was told he was the best student the school had ever had. All these and many more things made the episode work having these two, mainly Fitz, as the focus of the episode. It seems that this is they key formula to work on (not over use it though), whenever Fitz and Simmons are the protagonists of the episode the episode works better than the others (something very nice to see since they are my favorite characters of the series…and I ship them). All I can say for future episodes is that even if they are not the main focus of the episode, give them a more central role or more screen time, it works whenever this happens and just like the team working together, more of Fitz/Simmons will only improve the series.

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