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About a month ago I posted my Avengers fan cast discussing both what characters I want to see, and some ideas for casting.
You can read it here.

Since this is something I continuously fantasize about here are some more characters I would like to see!

Sentry - Kellan Lutz

His introduction into the story line of New Avengers was very interesting. Eventually they learn that the mutant Mastermind implanted him with a psychic virus that spreads out across the world and not only does Reynolds forgot about his powers and superhero persona, The Sentry, but so does the entire world. Over the New Avengers run they help him tame and learn his powers and help him through other psychological issues.

The virus story is confusing and could potentially steal the entire movie, but I do think it would be cool to see the Avengers take someone under their wing who isn't already a hero and help him become one.

Mahr Vel - Michael Trucco

Not only is he a very beautiful man but I love him in Battlestar Galactica, and he's hilarious in How I Met Your Mother.

Mahr Vel is a fun character. He is a Kree soldier/scientist who came to Earth to scope out humanity. He ended up falling in love with our planet and sticking up for us telling his superiors the reasons to not destroy humanity during the Kree-Skrull war, and he fought on the side of the Avengers.

Vision - Sam Witwer

His run on Battlestar Galactica was short, as was his run on Smallville, but we love him in Being Human! I think he would make a wonderful android!

Vision is a huge part of the Avengers, especially in the Ultron story line. Ultron creates Vision to be his slave, he sends Vision to lead the Avengers into a trap. In time he realizes that Ultron is evil and turns against him. Without his help the Avengers would have lost. I really enjoy his story line in the cartoon Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He lays waste to all the Avengers - including Thor - as he searches for the vibranium in Wakanda to use for Ultron's body.

By the way, if you enjoy the Marvel films, I definitely recommend this two season cartoon. It's recent, well written, and goes into a ton of depth on lots of characters from the Marvel Universe that would be great to see on the big screen! For a cartoon it's very well done, and it's on American Netflix! Check it out!!

Spiderwoman - Evangeline Lily

Love her in Lost and surprisingly enjoyed her in The Hobbit! She's a wonderful, beautiful actress and I'd personally love to see her as a superheroine!

Spiderwoman (the Jessica Drew version) is a complicated character. She has two origin stories in the comics. One involving an injection of experimental medicine as a sick teenager that contains large quantities of spider blood. The other involves her mother being shot, while pregnant with Jessica, with a laser beam containing traces of spider DNA. Later she joins the New Avengers, but is actually a double agent for wait for Nick Fury....wait, no she's an wait for wait....she's a Skrull imposter?

Yeah it was confusing.

The REAL Jessica Drew had been captive by the Skrulls and is found at the end of the Secret Invasion. She's invited to join the Avengers and because she has nowhere to go she agrees.

We definitely need more heroines in our comic book movies, but I do think she'd be a great character to see on screen. Her powers are pretty cool. She can fly, shoots bio-stings, and has a pheromone she can use to manipulate people to do what she tells them to.

Wasp - Eliza Dushku

Dollhouse, Angel, Tru Calling.... she's done well for herself. She's gorgeous and already has huge nerd fan following. I think she'd be perfect for the girly, wanna be fashion icon, superhero Wasp!

Wasp is one of the original Avengers. I know we're getting an Ant-Man movie, and I know Rashida Jones is running the rumor mill on getting the part. I'm not saying it's a bad choice, but she's not my first choice. Neither was Paul Rudd for Ant-Man though. With Paul Rudd actually playing Scott Lang instead of Hank Pym. We may not even seen Janet van Dyne. It's one of the little tidbits we're all still waiting to here!

We're on our way to a large Avengers cast as it is! Assuming we get some adds from the individual movies to the roster, and who knows what will come from Guardians. PLUS there are un-revealed Marvel Studios movies that they've only announced release dates for but not told us who/what the movie is. Rumors are all over the place. Dr. Strange, Ms Marvel, Black Panther, and a new Hulk movie are the ones that are being thrown around the most. Assuming as of 2015 we bring all the Avengers to date together for Avengers 3 we're looking at this as our roster:

My hope is that we keep adding to it! Then when RDJ is done playing Iron Man, and Evans is done playing Cap we still have a rotating cast of superheroes to keep our movies ongoing.

What do you think of my casting?

What other characters would you like to see?


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