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Nicolas Carmona

On last night’s episode we saw a human, an angel, and a demon work together to save a big moose; or in other words, Dean, Cas and Crowley caught up with Gadriel to save Sam.

**Will Contain Spoilers** After Dean told Cas everything that had happened, including the death of Kevin (which btw, Metatron said that there are no more prophets, how come?), they get the help of Crowley to hack into Sam’s body and expel Gadriel. After leaving HQ and getting tipped on where Gadriel was, we see that Abaddon is now in full pursuit of Crowley. The three amigos captured Gadriel after he committed another murder, of a close friend to him btw, and started hacking into his brain. This didn’t work and they only had one other solution, let Sam be possessed by Crowley, but with a catch Crowley walks away free; once on the inside Crowley convinced Sam that Gadriel, an angel, had possessed his body and he needed to kick him out and after what I like to think a mental fight for the control of Sam’s body, Sam kicks out Gadriel and Crowley leaves Sam’s body. Just in time when Abaddon arrives, Crowley tells the others to run away and he sits down to have a talk with Abaddon; basically making the control of Hell an election up to the other demons votes and we close this part with Vote Crowley, such a great moment. On the other hand we have Dean apologizing to a disappointed but kind of given up Sam; and here we have another brotherly separation (which I keep thinking these are pointless I don’t know why they keep doing them), I guess we shall see what happens.

The episode was very different from the usual, mainly because of the dynamic of having three different factions involved. However, got to give it to Mark Sheppard who stole the show, he did such a great performance as Crowley, who now is more willing to help, nicer yet still the old Crowley as always. The development of this character on this season is very interesting and everything that happened in this episode makes things weirder for the gang, next episode we are going to see Crowley team up with Dean and that seems like another chance to explore the effects of the cure and how his electoral run will go this time around. As for Sam nothing much was left to speculate, he seems to be completely cured now but hurt from what Dean did, the split it will be temporary as always but I wonder what will make his side of the story do in the mean time, maybe team up with Cas to track down Gadriel and maybe find out that he is working for Metatron. Speaking of Metatron, he is easily one of the most hated villains, he just wants to control everything but not much of his master plan has been told, I wonder if the rest of the series’ main focus will be him as the big baddie, the war of heaven on earth, or the election for Hell…maybe all three will connect somehow (some angels taking Abbadon’s side or vice versa? or some more angels finding out about Metatron and joining him?). All I can say for now, this season is very different, it is really good, made it go back to being more personal and I guess we have to wait and see what else happens.


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