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The highly anticipated upcoming vampire flick, Vampire Academy, based on the first in a series of novels by Richelle Mead, has had its fair share of problems when it comes to release dates.

Initially pegged for a worldwide release on February 14th, that changed when fans released that that was predominantly a US release date. It was later revealed that fans would have to find and contact the individual distributor for their country to find out when and if the film is released in their country.

The UK had been set for a February 19th release, which, although nearly a week after the US release date, was semi acceptable, now it seems that various sources, including Film Magazine, SciFiNow and IMDb have confirmed that Vampire Academy is set to hit the UK either on the 23rd or 24th April...over two months later than the initial date we were promised.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

Now, I don't mean to come across as a disgruntled fan, but this news makes me very, very angry. The ENTIRE movie was shot here in the UK, more specifically in London, with most of the crew being British and a good chunk of the cast also being filled out by British actors and actresses. They filmed at a private boarding school here and after all that, we get lumped with a release date more than two months after everyone else. Doesn't seem fair to me at all and the fact that fans had to find out via the VA UK release poster (see below) as opposed to being informed, is a little disappointing.

UK Vampire Academy Poster
UK Vampire Academy Poster

The people involved with making the movie have been pretty good at keeping in contact with the fans throughout the whole process, but this appears to have stopped now, with fan sites of VA reporting more news and sharing more stills, than any of the official pages. Makes you wonder what the marketing teams are actually doing, because from where I'm standing, it looks like the fans are doing more than the actual distributors.

If you're worried about when Vampire Academy is released in your country, be sure to check IMDb, and if you can, contact the distributor for your country.


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