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2013 has seen the ever growing rise in fan created/alternative film posters. The medium has become more and more popular in both digital and print forms seeing the likes of Doaly and Peter Strain light up the internet world and magazines alike. For a long time now we have seen stale, commercially driven film posters featuring a photograph of the actors taking up 75% of the image while the rest is a lazy background and rushed title display. Slowly but steadily there has been a rise of an influence from the alternative, creatively driven and idea based film posters coming through and even more so this year with the likes of Jon S. Baird's "Filth", poster

and this poster for "Blue Is The Warmest Colour" directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

As a designer it is often frustrating to see such potential in intriguing film tropes and motif's overlooked by Hollywood and it's great to see a more diverse selection in this years film posters. Indie film producers have often been credited with exploring the medium of a more experimental and possibly illustrative film artwork and 2012's "Spring Breakers" saw a array of various custom made artworks commissioned by Harmony Korine himself to promote the film. As we move away from the term "fan art" and towards a much more mature homage and intelligent idea based poster, we can begin to turn and look at even blockbuster Hollywood publishing thought provoking and attention grabbing posters. Here you can find my recent "Superbad" poster and a link to the rest of my work where I have posters of films such as "Milk", "Bellflower" and "Taxi Driver"

Superbad by John Conlon
Superbad by John Conlon

My behance

Here is a short list of where to see more of the best alternative movie posters online.


  • Crazy 4 Cult Volume 1 & 2 by Gallery 1988
  • Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground by Matthew Chojnacki


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