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All the movies on this list are either in pre-production or are very low down. The reason for me making this list is to showcase the most promising looking movies based on the cast/plot. Let me know if there's any you're looking forward to and make sure you follow them!

7. A Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane is back directing again since Ted only this time it has Neil Patrick Harris. Sold already? If not, the film is about a cowardly farmer that seeks the help of a gunslinger's wife to help him win back the woman who left him. Should be great!

6. Blood on Snow

This film doesn't have any trailers, photos nor casting for that matter. But it does have a plot. And DiCaprio. It's about a hit man that falls for his client's wife, who happens to be the target of the assassin's latest assignment.

5. Saturn and The End of Days

This is one I'm really excited for. Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) is at the helms of directing this sci-fi blockbuster. Its about the end of the world seen through the eyes of a young boy. It has no release date yet but when it does, be sure to mark it in your calender!

4. The Interview

This is a sure to be successful comedy centred around Dave Skylark (James Franco), host of a talk show, and producer, Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen), get an interview with Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea. The CIA asks them to kill Kim. They become the least qualified men to ever assassinate.

3. Tomorrowland (2015)

An ambitions sci-fi starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson. The plot is as follows: Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory.

2. Inside Out (2015)

A film told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl. This will be a hugely successful animation starring Amy Poehler slated for a 2015 release.

1. They Came Together (2014)

All I'll say about this comedy is the cast: Paul Rudd (I Love You, Man), Amy Poehler (Parks & Recreation), Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother), Michael Shannon (Man Of Steel), Ed Helms (The Hangover) and Max Greenfield (New Girl). Cant wait.

So that's the list. You may or may not know them, either way get looking forward to them because when they come out they will be big hits I'm sure! Comment on the one you're looking forward to the most.


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