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Rainer (Javier Bardem) is, with his outfit, hair style, manneristic speech and stylish glass house, probably the most diverse character in Ridley Scott’s latest action drama, The Counselor (2013). While Rainer looks like a mixture of an Italian macho and a gay hairdresser, he is in all his scenes impotent. Why?

He just talks about sex or watches Malinka (Cameron Diaz) having sex with his Ferrari, while the Counselor (Michael Fassbender) and Westray (Brad Pitt) actually do have real sex with women. Therefore, it’s a cynical statement that Reiner wears a classic green moto leather jacket by luxury UK outdoor fashion brand Belstaff during the car chase in his white SUV.

The blouson is the Vintage 1952-styled model, “Snetterton,“ and a reference to the dangerous and deadly British motor racing circuit: Snetterton.

It’s an iconic model for real men who are addicted to speed, danger and the smell of oil and fuel. Hence again, it’s an ironic and prophetic symbol that Reiner wears this jacket when his car gets hit by the drug cartel contract killers. He loses not only the car chase but finally gets shot from behind in his butt through his white pants. That tragic event may be another hint - like his golden Gianni Versace butterfly print silk shirt - that he is gay or impotent and the motor jacket a lampooning comment on his character.

Nevertheless, as I don’t know for sure if movie director Ridley Scott and his costume designer, Janty Yates, had all this in mind when chosing this iconic jacket for Javier Bardem’s role character, Reiner, I think it’s a nice trivia and assumption.


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