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Kalyeb Gordon

From what was (and still is) a slow week for Superman/Batman news, this little sliver of news instills all the more hope I have (and we all should have) for Batfleck.

Our new Batman is currently working on perfecting his physique for Bruce Wayne/Batman through the help of celebrity trainer, Rehan Jalali, who has worked with Affleck in 2010's 'The Town' to help him gain some serious muscle

Of course it's hard to tell how pumped Affleck looks due to the sweats (and also the blurriness) but nonetheless the fact that he's getting jacked to take on the role of Bats should get not only myself, but the true Batman fans a sense of excitement.

Ben Affleck is close to 6'4" and will exceed that when in the costume, almost 220 lbs. He's by far the best Batman ever cast physically. He was told to go easy on the training while working on 'Gone Girl' because he as getting to big. Need I say more?

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