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The Penny Dreadful TV series has got a chilling new trailer that promises to bring the scares.

Set in 1891, Showtime's Penny Dreadful is based on the Victorian horror serials that were popular at the time and will feature classic creatures such as Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dracula.

Give the trailer a look and see what you think:

Apart from promising to be spooky as hell, Penny Dreadful also boasts a stellar team of writers and producers. Hugo and Gladiator scribe, John Logan, has penned the pilot and will serve as showrunner, while Skyfall helmer, Sam Mendes, serves as Executive Producer.

It won't all be about the gruesome scares though, as Logan has promised that Penny Dreadful also contains a contemporary message:

I started thinking about themes and why almost 200 years after [Mary Shelley's Frankenstein] was written, we're still reading Frankenstein. I think it's because the monsters break my heart. Growing up as a gay man before it was socially acceptable, I knew what it was to feel different, alienated and not like everyone else.

And it seems that Victorian London is the perfect setting to bring these creatures back to life:

I chose to set the show [in 1891] not because it would be cool visually but because the Victorian era reminds me of right now. They were on the cusp of the modern world … grappling with the very elemental question of what it means to be human.

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Horror has had a real resurgence on TV of late and it looks like Penny Dreadful can be another diabolical addition to the creepy canon.

Penny Dreadful premieres Sunday, May 11th at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

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