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Some movies aren’t technically good, but they’re enjoyable. “Ride Along” is that kind of film. It’s predictable, cliché, and pretty derivative, but thanks to its two amazing leads, it’s a highly entertaining buddy-cop flick that will be sure to elicit plenty of laughter. And if you’re a Kevin Hart fan, you’re going to absolutely love this.

Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) is madly in love with his girlfriend Angela (Tika Sumpter), but before he can take their relationship to the next level, he needs to get her brother’s (Ice Cube) approval. The problem is that her brother, James, is a hard-ass cop with a pretty bad attitude, and he’s not too keen on Ben to begin with. Ben, who’s an avid gamer and who dreams of joining the police academy, is then given a chance to go on a ride along with James to prove that’s he’s worthy of Angela, and mayhem ensues.

Like I said, the movie isn’t technically “good”, but it certainly delivers plenty of laughs. The chemistry between Kevin Heart and Ice Cube is awesome, and Hart gets plenty of opportunities to be his usual goofy self. Some gags obviously fall flat, and others run a bit too long, but there’s a good majority that hit their mark. Make no mistake, this is Kevin Hart basically playing Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube playing Ice Cube, but that’s what makes this movie work.

Most of the supporting cast is ok, but again, none of us are walking into “Ride Along” for John Leguizamo or Bryan Callen. There is one performance that was below par (and believe me the bar is set pretty low for a film like this), and it comes courtesy of Bruce McGill, who plays the police chief. Other than that, everyone else does a fine job.

The Verdict:

If you walk into “Ride Along” with the right mindset, there’s no reason you’ll be disappointed. It takes full advantage of its charismatic leads and delivers what it’s supposed to. No more, and no less.

Numerical Score: 7/10

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